Monday, 13 April 2009

Sock Horror

My Om Shanti socks became Omg Shanti socks after a brief dip in luckwarm water. They grew to enormous proportions - previously all these socks were just about the same length:

At least they both match:

A lady from Chameleon Yarns pm-ed me to say that putting them in the dryer might sort them out. I don't have a dryer but luckily I'm not heart broken about the loss of these socks. Also they might be better once dry. I'll update this post if that is the case.

I finished my froot loop socks and I'm very happy that the yarn looks appropriately edible:

Today I sorted through my yarn & now I'm in need of an antihistamine. No wonder I only do this once or twice a year! The photos below show a proportion of the non-sock part of my stash.




APA said...

Oh my gosh. I'm sitting here with my mouth wide open. I had no idea hand knit socks could become so skewed. Unbelievable. And you're so calm about it all! I hope they do settle back into pairs, at least, after a good line dry.

And that's an incredible yarn stash. It's all I can do to keep up with fabric!

Love the froot loop socks...totally deliciously yummy! :)

Valentina said...

It's a paradise...Delicious.
Compliments for your blog!