Monday, 30 March 2009


On April 1st i.e. tomorrow the G20 summit hits London (and I think 'hits' it going to be very appropriate adjective). I'm one of the thousands of people who work at an investment bank here in London but I promise that I have had nothing to do with
the current economic situation. I work in IT in the glamorous world of address book technology & not anywhere even close to finance. This is a good thing because maths was not my strongest subject and in fact I failed my maths A-level in a spectacular way, although with the current state of the world it probably would have made no difference if some of the banks had handed over all of their accounts to me and my poor arithmetic.

Anyhow we have been told that tomorrow we should dress in casual clothes so we don't stand out amidst all of the rioters. I'm sure that this must be some kind of April fools joke because the bankers I know would be incapable of looking like an anarchist and blending in at a riot unless chinos are now all the rage with the Socialist Workers. I'll be OK because in the whole of my life I have never managed to look smart.

I've not been posting recently or reading other peoples blogs because I've been working all hours including weekends and late nights. Now I should be able to cut back and re-enter my personal life which is an enormous relief.

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mooncalf said...

There's a whole world of Address Book Technology!!? :)