Sunday, 8 March 2009

70's style

I was born in 1969 so consequently spent my formative years in the 70's and I think that the colours of that time have seeped into my brain. I remember my parent's house where I grew up had a bright orange carpet and purple walls plus brown furniture. This seems to have made a lasting impact on my tastes as I was extremely excited by these fabrics (which I've started to make into yet another bag).

bag making

The blue is Carnaby Street by Robert Kaufman & the other is Poppy Dot Orange by Erin McMorris.

Of course other things in the 70's were lousy. I grew up in an industrial town in the North of England and it got pretty grim as the industries began to disappear and people began to lose their jobs. And in the 80's it got yet grimmer without even the benefit of funky fabrics.

On the knitting front, last week I blocked a Clapotis that I actually finished mid January. The Claoptis isn't the most interesting pattern to knit, but it's good for knitting groups and on the tube when you need something semi-mindless. I made it in Sea Silk & I'm very pleased with the drapyness and the weight of it.

Week 11



APA said...

We've a few things in common (though I am a few years older) of 70s fabrics is one and the other is I grew up in a textile town in Massachusetts that also turned pretty grim when the mills started moving down south. We had yellow and green in our living room (I would have loved a little orange & purple!), brown and yellow in the den. Seems a little dull to me now, but the retro colors of posters and things back then rock, don't you think? I love it! And I can't wait to see your bag!

Anonymous said...

I love those colors. I'm a 70's baby too but I think the 80's made more of a mark on me.

The clapotis is gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

What wonderfully cheerful fabric!

Anonymous said...

I'm almost the same age as you, and those fabrics and colours definitely resonate with me too! I love the Clapotis in the sea silk, it looks like it would be much drapier than the chunky versions I've seen.