Saturday, 28 February 2009

Sock Factory

As I mentioned previously I want more handknitted socks and so I have become my own personal sock factory. I was lucky enough to buy this lovely Artsygal yarn from Justine (many thanks!!).

And I'm very pleased with the resulting socks (they look nicer in real life). I like the way that the very bright multicolored yarn is toned down to an almost-grey when knitted up.


I am very keen on feather and fan type patters so I based the stitch pattern on Rob Matyska's broadripple.

I tend not to follow a pattern because I knit on the tube a lot. Normally things work out OK but here I've ended up with two different heel shapings (although only an up-close fellow knitter would notice). I think the one on the LHS is the more 'finished' looking one because I've unwrapped my stitches. The RHS is the lazy alternative...

broadripple heel1broadrippleheal


Anonymous said...

They're lovely! I agree with you, I like how all those bright colours seemed to have toned down well together. I wonder if it's because they're all roughly the same darkness? It's a really nice pattern to use for this yarn - good choice!

Adams Young said...

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