Monday, 23 February 2009

Another 40th

Last Friday was Chris' 40th birthday so we decided to have a quiet weekend away in the New Forest. It felt like spring for the first time this year.
We did some hiking through the woodland:
Week 9 - New Forest
We found the perfect pub:
And went down to the salt marshes:

I needed a bit of peace and down-time since I'm going to have to work flat out for the next two or three weeks. I can't wait for everything to calm down so I can get back to the sewing machine and needles and maybe even go to a knitting evening or two.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing. :)

APA said...

A lovely weekend, indeed! The pub looks just darling, perfect in celebration of a wonderful 40th birthday and in understanding of what is a good walk through the woods and to the salt marsh.

Peace and wonder abound these days and weeks that await to you & yours!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous photos - thanks for sharing them!